Some Good News

Erbitux and Vectibix both work in similar ways to fight The Cancer.  However, a recent study (from June 6th!) shows that Erbitux, and thus, probably Vectibix, is only potent against tumors with a very specific trait.  Of course, Maggie and I insisted that her tumor be tested for this trait because, damn it, if we are going to deal with all these unpleasantries we want to know that at least we’ve got a fighting chance.  Today, Nurse Mary from The Spa called to let us know that the genetic testing was complete and our tumors do, in fact, have that specific trait.  Good news!

To be more specific, the trait is actually the absence of a mutated KRAS gene, also called “wild type” no doubt for its rude behavior in socially-sensitive situations.  Presence of the mutated KRAS gene would mean that we are unlikely to benefit from the Vectibix.  Fortunately, all our KRAS are belong to us.  No mutations!  Happy, happy!  Joy, joy!

Read more about mutated KRAS genes here.  You know you want to.  Come on.  Click and read.  This is riveting stuff.

P. S. If you didn’t laugh at least one time while reading this go back and try again.  Despite being true, it’s very funny.  Can’t make this stuff up.

10 thoughts on “Some Good News

  1. Awesome news!!
    I will keep all fingers, toes and arms crossed. you guys deserve a huge break of great news. We love you both
    Leann & David

  2. Hi, y’all! Just clicking by to see how you’ve been doing. Chris, your writing is always funny or touching and sometimes both at the same time. I definitely laughed out loud with this one! Glad you got some good news and the skin issues are more manageable now. As always, you are in my prayers.
    Love, Emily

  3. Great news! “…all our KRAS are belong to us.” Am I a total geek for getting that? No. It means I’m awesome. Not unlike Maggie. Except less so than Maggie, as she’s a total badass.

  4. I’m very thankful that Maggie’s not having to endure all the skin problems with no chance of effectiveness!! I’m also thankful to see the recentness of the study you cite. I’ve been wondering if someone somewhere was watching out for new studies, new breakthroughs, new chances, and jumping on them ASAP for Maggie’s sake. I’m relieved to hear that _someone_ is!

    As always – much love, happy thoughts, and many prayers everyday for you and Maggie!

  5. I was so happy I cried! I stumbled upon this website, as I also have colon cancer. Two surgeries, 3 years, 4 months of Xeloda and 11 rounds of Folfox later, I’m still here and working!!! What a brave person you are—this news is great.

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