Monthly Archives: September 2008

Trying Again Tomorrow

CPT-11 is the real poison for the tumors.  Without it, the tumors are free to grow unimpeded.  Xeloda, as we understand it, is the kicker – it adds the zing to the CPT-11.  But to get the tumors to stop growing we need to get the strong stuff in there and working ASAP.  So this morning, without an appointment, Maggie headed down to The Spa to see if they could squeeze her in. Continue reading Trying Again Tomorrow

Today is Better

Today our heads are better.  Maggie is still having notable chest pain which we have decided is caused by soreness from her rigors that occurred at The Spa on Friday.  The vigorousness of the shaking that went on could certainly cause soreness in many areas.  I’ve re-enacted Friday’s show for Maggie to see and, from my little experiment, it’s quite simple to see the relationship.  So, for now on, that’s what the pain is from and nothing else.  That doesn’t get rid of it, however, but baths and lots of laying around help quite a bit.  Her, not me. Continue reading Today is Better