And Back

Maggie is back and doing fine.  MD Anderson delayed her departure until around 2:30PM.  Fortunately, the Angel Flight crew was none too bothered by the delay.  Her special flight was held until around 3:15PM and touched down in Austin around 4:45PM.  Despite all my worry, they seemed to roll with it all nicely.  Thank goodness.  It’s so nice to find a friendly sponge that can calmly absorb a little of the havoc that’s being thrown at us. Thank goodness for the Angel Flight volunteers.

Maggie said that the visit was relatively uneventful.  The nurses played a not-so-fun game of hunt-n-poke with Maggie’s arms while trying to sink the needle.  Five times they poked.  One time they infiltrated.*  Next time we’re going to insist that they use Maggie’s port-o-cath for the treatment.  Five times is ridiculous.  Preventing that mess is well worth disconnecting her pain pump for the mere 30 minutes required for the infusion.  (See, we’re learning how to make this work for us in the future.)

*  Infiltrated means “whoops, the needle dug too deep and went out the other side of the vein.”  Typically, it stings a bit and looks horrible, presenting as a big bump that grows bigger as more fluids are shoved into the space between the muscle and the skin.  Yeah, we know.  Yuck.  Fortunately, so far as we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to cause any problems other than the discomfort.  How do those veins close up by themselves so nicely?  And why can’t they make a tire that has the same amazing hole-sealing capabilities?  Or hoses?  Or waterbeds?

Maggie really seems to be feeling better the last couple of days.  It is hard not to dig into the why but it is nice to see plenty of smiles and some renewed energy.  Sweet!  I love the smiles.

Thursday, we do it all again.  As so it goes for a while.  Wow, crazy life, huh?

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  1. That is so great that Angel Flight really came through. People can be so amazing! I am so glad to hear Maggie is feeling better!! That is a great sign. I love postings with good news so much better (except those multiple sticks, that sucks!!).

  2. One of the best reasons to believe that there really is good in all people, always willing to help a person in need.

  3. God bless the angels of Angel Flight! I am glad to know that Maggie is feeling good. Chris, you’ve got my vote for the most loving and supportive of husbands (and sons-in-law)!

    I have a silly little question for the medical-minded in our group….Would slapping a small ice pack on the infiltration right after the MD Anderson staff say ‘Oops!’ prevent the swelling under the skin?

    Much love – Mary

  4. @Mary, Maggie’s Mom:

    They typically do apply a cold press to reduce the swelling. I’m not sure if they did this time or not since I wasn’t there.

  5. Dear Maggie and Chris,

    You had mentioned your concerns about getting Maggie to and from Houston on a couple of occasions, and several people came forward to offer their assistance. I, too, wanted to help, and so I did something before you posted your “Thank You” entry. Then, of course, came your entreaty telling us to hold off on our gifts. I thought about putting a halt to my contribution, but then decided better of it. Read on, and I’ll tell you what I did, and why I wish to proceed.

    I opened a bank account for you and Maggie, but for now it’s in your name, Chris. You can add Maggie later if you choose to do so. It’s not a huge amount, but perhaps it’s enough to make at least some difference. I thought that in doing so, I could post instructions for others to make deposits to it as well as me, to help pay for Maggie’s flights to Houston. I wanted to call it “Wings for Maggie,” but I learned that there were all sorts of legal hurdles to simply give it a name. It would have to be turned into a trust; a lawyer would have to be involved, etc. I would rather spend money on you or any other cancer patient who might need a flight than pay lawyer fees simply to accomplish what I feel can be accomplished in a much simpler manner (in this case).

    I’m delighted that Maggie’s flights will be provided by Angel Flight, and that you won’t need the money for this purpose. However, the money is still yours to use as needed. I know that insurance pays for much of what Maggie needs, but I’m sure that there have been enormous incidental expenses that insurance doesn’t cover. Perhaps our contribution can help. If you truly find that you don’t need it, then I would ask that Maggie choose a charity or foundation of her choice (Lance Armstrong Foundation? Angel Flight?) and donate to the money to it.

    I know you have asked us to hold off on our gifts, but I ask you to keep this, just in case. You and Maggie have given me—and your other readers, I’m sure—your own gift in sharing your journey with us. You have helped me to look at the gifts in my own life with a greater appreciation than before. I strive to take things less for granted. And you have deeply touched my heart with the love you have for one another, the greatest gift of all. I know this sounds incredibly ironic, and I hope that you will take it in the spirit it is intended, but the two of you are very lucky. I think a love like yours is rare.

    I know I am not the only one who feels compelled to help out in any way I can. I’m sure others would like to reach out to you in a more personal manner than that provided by your blog. I ask you to please let us help where we can because, though I know you say you do not need it, we would genuinely like to help in some way, and if we cannot help you directly, then let us help others through Maggie’s choice of foundation.

    For that reason, you also now have a P.O. box, where others can send a card or (as I originally intended but you now say you do not need), a contribution for Maggie’s flights.

    I hope I have not overstepped my bounds, and if I have I hope you will forgive me. My intentions were and are only the best, which is what I wish for you and Maggie. Your blog touches hundreds of people, and I know that there are, among those, a desire to do something for you. I thought that in setting up this account and postal box, I could help them to help you, without posting any personal information that you wouldn’t want published on the internet.

    For those wishing to send anything to Maggie and Chris the address is 5501-A Balcones Drive; Box 136; Austin, TX 78731.

    If you wish to make a deposit directly to their new account you can mail a check to National Bank by Mail; KY1-0900; Chase; P.O. Box 36520; Louisville, KY 40233-6520. On the check, in the memo space to the lower left, you MUST remember to write “Chris Weaver, #810368241.

    I’ll post these addresses in the comments section of your blog from time to time just in case somebody misses it in this entry. After all, I certainly lack Chris’s flair for the dramatic, and I likely have lost many by now.

    Chris, I will be mailing you a package with instructions about the account and the mailbox in next day or two.

    My heart is with you both.

  6. What an amazing person. I also had contemplated this and had gone to the bank to research this very thing, but had not gone through with this. Many of my colleagues in my community also would like to make some donation in any way possible. (Several are asking to make casseroles!) But then I saw the note from Chris asking us not to. So I did not. However, I will pass this along to my colleagues so that they may contribute in some way.

    Kudos to you, friend, I think this will ease a burden that Chris and Maggie don’t even realize they had.

  7. Thank you, friend. Your kindness cannot be overstated!

    As my daughter states, we were trying to figure out how to go about doing something like this since we live far away and cannot help in more practical ways and because so many of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues have expressed a wish to help. We simply did not have knowledge of how to make this happen.

    You’ve answered our prayers for assistance. We are grateful.

  8. Hi, again, Maggie and Chris:

    You’ll know soon enough who your friend is, if you don’t already, but I’d like you to help me remain anonymous. I wish I could keep my identity unknown even to you, but unfortunately my name will appear on the bank account and postal box until you can get over to the bank and add yourself, at which time I will remove my name and all control of the funds. I will send all instructions tomorrow. Please let me remain unknown. I am everyone who cares about you.

    1. “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.”
      1 John 3:18-20 NIV

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