Monthly Archives: February 2009

MDA Trial v3

We got back late last night from MD Anderson.  Maggie is doing surprisingly well.  She’s sleeping right now, which ain’t that unusual, but throughout yesterday and into the morning she was doing great.  Our MD Anderson experiences continue to disappoint.  I think I’m going to rename them from The Wizards to The Clowns and just call the hospital The Circus.  I’ve decided that their reputation for excellence is based merely on numbers.   If you treat a bazillion cancer patients every day, you get lucky occasionally and those lucky few make lots of noise. Continue reading MDA Trial v3

Rolls with Punches

It’s our newly-adopted Indian name.  Here’s the latest.  Yesterday marked a sad day for us as we said goodbye to Maggie’s law office.  August 4, 2008, the first day in her new digs, until yesterday.  Actually, October 15th was the day we shut it down per doctor’s orders.  It has been sitting empty, a sad memorial to a brief, but much celebrated, career as a lawyer.  Yesterday Flo and Sami sealed the deal by delivering Maggie’s office computer to our house.  The new guy, the squatter, came to her office today to sit in the chair we bought behind the desk we picked.  We wish him luck.  But the saga is over… or, for at least now, is on hold. Continue reading Rolls with Punches