A Timeline

I thought it might be neat, if not useful, to visually represent what has happened since our diagnosis. I’ll update this image as time passes but it’s worth sharing as it is right now. (Click the image to make it full-sized.)


3 thoughts on “A Timeline

  1. The timeline certainly lays out events in an efficient manner. I like how it summarizes the medical history and parallels the more personal milestones. Maybe such a whole picture summary could create a better shared prospective for our sometimes clinically distracted medical folks?

    Hold Fast
    Don MacLeod

  2. My father had lung cancer and he was always smiling and laughing. We found out about his cancer too late because he was being the “man” and did not want to let the family know, so he did not have opportunity for treatment. I often wonder how did he hold out without complaining but now I know it was because he had the love of his family surrounding him. Your family, especially your husband plays a big part in you accepting things so well.(you already know that). You are very blessed, keep your faith. stay strong and hold on to God’s unchanging hands, and He will continue to carry you through. although I do believe that what you are going through is way beyond anyone’s belief. You are a beautiful girl and have a wonderful radiant smile,just like your mom. Your husband is so wonderful, and THE BEST. I’ll have to say God created the best man for you, now I have to take seconds because there is only one like him(smile).

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