Back from the ER

We’re back home from Seton. Maggie got blood work, an X-Ray and a CT scan done along with some additional pain meds to help get the pain issues under control. Her breathing is a little better but, all-in-all, she’s still pretty unhappy. Her temperature at last check was above 102 degrees. And phlegm, yuck. But we’re surviving.

The hospital didn’t find any evidence of pneumonia, my greatest concern. They were worried about a lung embolism caused by a blood clot, apparently common among cancer patients but they found no evidence of that either. The only real issues they pointed out were a little fluid in her lungs and notable increase in the size of her tumors. Do we call that good or bad? Not sure. So, after boosting her pain meds with dilaudid, they gave us the choice to stay for the night or go. We, of course, went.

The lack of pneumonia really makes me feel much better. Frankly, I was quite concerned. I’m breathing my own phlegm-filled sighs of relief tonight as we shiver through our mutual fevers.

Tonight for supper: chicken, noodles, two Tylenol, lots of water, TV, bed

8 thoughts on “Back from the ER

  1. Maggie

    My sister taught me a trick, three painless “ha-ha-ha “exhales gets you past the anticipated pain of the then involuntary deep lung filling inhale. Vertical befriends gravity horizontal adds it to your burden so sit-up straight and walk as much as you can.

    They had me on a nebulizer. It helped. Butterscotch lifesavers were my favorite treat to get rid of the annoying taste memory the nebulizer left me with.

    Hold Fast
    Don MacLeod

  2. I am glad no pneumonia we dont want that! Of course being able to breathe is nice too. Glad you got out of the hospital as there are all kinds of nasties waiting to find a home. Wish i had some helpful advice but like Don said sleeping and keeping verticle is helpful. David had a bad URI in Jan, dont drink beverages with ice in them in fact hot tea is your friend especially chamomile (however you spell it)and crysanthimum. Hang in there were sending prayers to you.

  3. YAY for no pneumonia! So glad you had a great trip minus the cold. Praying the cold goes away quickly!!! Thinking of y’all always! (((HUGS)))

  4. Glad to see your latest post. Have been worried about Maggie. Sorry you folks have been so sick.
    My hubby got the good news his cancer is in remission. We’ll take whatever window of wellness he can get. Will keep Maggie in my prayers. KEEP FIGHTING!!!!

  5. Just to clarify – my greatest concern was a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot that travels to the lungs and can be quickly fatal). Having cancer is already a big risk factor for blood clots, but another big risk factor is long plane rides. That is also what everyone in the ER was concerned about. Pneumonia sucks too, but generally isn’t fatal.

  6. Hi Chris and Maggie – Thinking of you lots and glad to see that you had a great trip. Obviously the post-trip illness was less great… But happy that Maggie is back home. My friend Julie is doing well after surgery to remove part of her tongue, salivary glands and lymph nodes – we’ll find out later today if she’s free and clear or if she needs radiation (which will be very painful in her mouth). We’re all praying hard and sending her lots of love for a good test result. Your support and strategies have been essential to my being useful as a friend – thank you for sharing!! All the best and loads of positive vibes from up North 🙂

  7. Hope you’re both feeling 100% better today! Much love, many good thoughts, and unceasing prayers ….

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