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Maggie is back in Houston for her next treatment at MD Anderson.  We met the volunteer pilot, Chris, at 7:15AM this morning at the Georgetown Airport.  Nice guy.  He wasn’t concerned at all about the weather which, as I drove away, was slightly breezy and not a drop of rain but very cloudy.  This was his first mission as a Grace Flight pilot.  How lucky is he, to get to share it with Maggie?  I’m certain after this experience he’ll be a frequent flyer!graceflight-chris

Maggie is feeling much better now from her Irish illness, as am I.  She’s been taking the strong antibiotic Levaquin as a precaution since Saturday.  Maybe it’s helped or not, but other than the obligatory post-illness hacks and coughs, she’s doing fine.

The schedule at MD Anderson is more of the same:  blood tests, a very brief doctors visit, premeds (to prevent an infusion reaction), R1507 (the special sauce), then chemo.  I’d expect her to finish up around 8PM and then head over to Dr. Lisa’s apartment to sleep the best she can before heading back to me tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Back to MDA

  1. Maggie is a good passenger and copilot.
    It was a pleasure flying her to Houston.
    I wish you and your family the best.

  2. I flew Maggie back to Austin on the 25th. She is a joy to fly with, she is interested in the technical aspects of flying and very upbeat.

    1. Bob and Chris-

      Thank you for flying Maggie to and from Houston. Your kind gift is allowing us to get the treatments we badly need while still maintaining a quality of life that would be difficult to have otherwise. You and the organization you work through, Grace Flights, has had a significant effect on our lives. Thank you.

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