Headed Back

Maggie is doing fine.  She finished up chemo last night around 9PM after a long day but still with a smile in her voice.  Amazing woman.  This morning she told me she didn’t sleep much last night.  Standard quo for post-chemo nights.*  Exacerbating matters is that she forgot her sleeping pills here in Austin.  But the smile was still in her voice and she sounded eager to head home.

*  Just before chemo they administer a set of drugs they call pre-meds.  One of the pre-meds is typically a steroid to help prevent any sudden and unpleasant reaction to the drugs.  Steroids do a lot of wonderful things but on the not-so-wonderful side is that behave like a like a mild amphetamine and, thus, making sleeping tough for the next couple days.

She’s calling the Grace Flight pilot now to schedule a Come Back to Chris flight.  Hopefully, it’ll be late morning around 11-ish.

The doctors assistant at MD Anderson has declared that Maggie has pneumonia.  We figure that the doctor at the Seton ER is just about as right as the MD Anderson PA so we’re taking the conflicting opinions to mean that yeah, she may have pneumonia but, if she does it’s not very bad.  Besides, the treatment for pneumonia is to take the antibiotic we are already taking.  So, there.  Ah, medicine.  So precise.

We don’t know for certain if we’ll be continuing with this trial or not.  Maggie definitely received treatment yesterday.  She also gave them the copies of our scans we had taken this weekend.  The clinical trial coordinator told Maggie that the tumors have to grow greater than 20% to be considered progressing (vs stable.)  If the tumors progressed using this definition then we’d be out for sure.  But until they look at the scans, do their measurements, etc, she thinks we’ll continue in the trial.  I doubt we’ll know this week for certain.  Heck, with MD Anderson, I doubt they’ll actually tell us anything.  But we’ll pursue it.

While I haven’t written much about the trip, I have, by popular demand, posted a few of our Ireland pictures.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Headed Back

  1. My 7 year old daughter, Jenna, and I loved the Ireland pictures. She said she wants to live there!

    Keep on keepin’ on.

    May God heal Maggie’s cancer, In Jesus’ Name.

    Love and hugs,
    Shawna and Jenna

  2. Thanks for sharing! Ireland looks amazing! Maggie — you look beautiful! And Chris, well… your a GREAT web-site updater kind of thingy person! LOL

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