Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tough Days

These last days have been a roller coaster.  Friday and Saturday, bluntly, I really thought we were down to a few hours left.  Sunday morning, however, started amazingly strong.  She even wanted to get up and take a shower.  The shower, however, proved a little too much and following it, she crashed.  Monday, Tuesday and yesterday have been tough but not quite as bad.  Today, your guess is as good as mine. Continue reading Tough Days

Good Morning

Yesterday was tough.  Today has been much less so.  Maggie got better rest than she did Friday night but, in our little world, “better rest” means only getting up a dozen or so times to hack up a lung.  Still, we’ll take what we can get.  As a result of her more restful sleep, she was more energetic this morning.  She woke up hungry and wanting to do a little exercise.  I was all too happy to oblige. Continue reading Good Morning

Status Update

I just wanted to give a quick status update.  I wish I had something more positive to say but the harsh reality is that Maggie is doing poorly.  Of most significance, she is having tremendous difficulty breathing.  Any physical movement throws off her ability to catch her breath, despite the constant stream of supplied oxygen.  Leaving the bed is a down right struggle.  And smiles are pretty rare and are never spontaneous.  But when I ask, she always obliges. Continue reading Status Update

Art Show Tonight

Maggie is having an art show tonight featuring over 35 of her paintings, both new and old (some she just painted this weekend.) Friends have also donated art for the show. Many of the paintings and artwork will be available for purchase via silent auction.  See the flyer here.The show is at 4800 Burnet Road, Suite 420 right next to Blue Star Café and will run from 5PM until 8PM.   Yes, she will be there with her smile on.


I am beyond touched by the outpouring of support shown by your messages on my last post. I’m overwhelmed by how many people wrote things like “You don’t know me but…” followed by “impacted my life,” “touched me” or other deeply moving comments. I am humbled in such a way that I struggle to put words to the page now and am honored that, despite your own personal daily challenges, you would chose to spend part of your time with us as we continue down our path. Continue reading Overwhelmed

Hospice Care

Maggie’s breathing is growing more and more labored daily.  Nights are sleepless and even basic things, like getting out of bed to get dressed, have become tough tasks.  And we just can’t seem to get the pain bit under control.  So, midday Saturday I called Dr. Loukas.  Fortunately, he was taking after hours calls.  We talked for a while and he laid it out very clearly – we’ve got a very, very tough road ahead of us.  He said the only relief he could offer was to get her some oxygen and to increase her pain meds.  He also made it pretty clear that he felt going back to MD Anderson or anywhere else was not going to help us now.  After we got off the phone, he called Hospice and they sent over a nurse. Continue reading Hospice Care