Monthly Archives: July 2009

Back from Cozumel

I’ve just returned from a scuba-diving trip to Cozumel* with some friends.  The diving was splendid, the weather perfect, and the food terrible.  This was my second trip out of town without my sweetheart and takeoffs and landings are still tough.  Flying back home back to “real life” was especially tough.  Overall, the trip was a nice distraction and I met a few new nice people, too. Continue reading Back from Cozumel

North Star

Prior to the beginning of this Great Cancer Adventure, we had a pretty good North Star to follow.  It was your standard life-adventure stuff:  expand brain via school, make baby, enhance career and enjoy family – all age-appropriate goals that would push us into middle age fat and happy with family.  And more than enough to keep us busy.  Then, blam!  We were blind-sided by this truck called The Cancer.  Now while the car we were riding in was spinning around wildly, tossed from the impact with broken glass a’ flyin’ we managed to complete that first step: expand brain via school.  But now that the car has come to a rest, the ambulance and fire truck folks have done their jobs and most of the broken glass has been swept up, I’m still a little dizzy and can’t find my North Star. Continue reading North Star

To Amy

(This post is in response to the huge outpouring of comments on my previous post “Time to Move On.”  To better understand this post, go and read the previous post along with the comments.)


I’m sorry that you are having to deal with what you are dealing with.  You don’t deserve it, you didn’t do anything wrong to get here and it’s just not fair.  My feelings for your situation run very, very deep as I’m sure you can understand.  I truly wish I could take your struggles away. Continue reading To Amy