Checks in the Mail

So back in late May of last year, the government sent me my consolation prize – a check for $255. 

Social Security Check #1

Earlier this year the government sent me another check for reasons unknown but obviously more important than the last because this one was for $257.60.  But the best part about the second check is who it was addressed to: “Jason C. Weaver on behalf of Maggre M Weaver Dec’d” 

Social Security Check #2

Who the heck is Maggre?

I finally deposited them both when I opened up the new bank account for “The Estate of Maggie Weaver.”

3 thoughts on “Checks in the Mail

  1. OMG Chris just hang on for both of us……this is just so awful….don’t unwind on me….It just goes on AND ON….almost a year for you and me and Emma and Brennan….Fiona..

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