KVUE News Team Lends A Hand

For good or for bad, I gone and done it.  I called in reinforcements.  Well, to be accurate, my good friend Alan called in reinforcements and I agreed to participate because, well, this is just ridiculous and he’s right – I’ve been nice long enough.  Chase Bank has far overstepped any boundaries of good taste, rationality or customer service.  Now, they are just savoring their position of power and using my misery as a mixer for their Cash-Flow Manhattans.  Well, while I may not be able to influence their lending rate, I can certainly stand on my soap box and shout to all that will listen:


Thank you SO MUCH to Alan for encouraging me.  And thank you EVEN MORE to Dawn Wellington with Wellington Group (an Austin-based marketing, PR and communications firm) for helping make this happen.  She was the real magic-maker here.  She even rushed over to the house to keep me sane in the 30 minutes I had to prepare for the interview.  I suspect she would have held my hand during the interview had I asked.  Thank you, Dawn!

18 thoughts on “KVUE News Team Lends A Hand

  1. I’m proud of you for taking a stand, I’m sad you had to, but I’m glad you called them out.


  2. I’m proud of you, too and very much look up to you. I’m also seriously considering closing my checking and 2 savings accounts with them. Suggestions on a better place to bank?

    1. I can’t name any bank that won’t have issues. I can, however, recommend Wells Fargo as a bank I’ve yet to have any issues with. Particularly, the branch off Far West by the Starbucks has been outstandingly friendly, helpful and over-the-top nice. I like them a lot.

      1. I know quite a few people who bank with Wells Fargo and haven’t heard anything bad about them. I’m also considering a credit union, University Federal Credit Union. Thoughts?

        1. If Chase doesn’t make this right, I”ll probably close my accounts there as well ! You know Maggie would have been putting up the same fight if she were in your shoes right now!

        2. Credit unions rock.
          I’m with Amplify FCU, and they never cease to amaze me with their consistent ability to recognize that we’re all human beings, and that rules sometimes have to be bent or broken outright if we’re going to even try to treat each other right.

          (And their rates beat the pants off any commercial bank.)

  3. Hello Chris,
    Dave and I saw your interview this morning on KVUE. Good job on going to the news. Sometimes that is the only way. Dave wanted me to let you know if you need any help, to give him a buzz. Hope everything else is going great for you.

  4. Chris, I work in banking, and I just keep wishing I could help somehow. It’s unbelievable to me that Chase has found such a crappy way to kick you when you’re down. Good for you for going to the news! And good for all your friends for pulling their accounts too–it’s the best way to teach them a lesson about how to treat their clients, especially those that are in their darkest hour. I hope they get you your money quickly.

    Thank you for continuing to update everyone on your life through this blog. You are certainly an inspiration to me!!

    Jennifer (Pete and Leslee’s niece in Memphis)

  5. I just looked at the interview on Kvue. I have great respect for them there. I called just now Terri Gruca[ she wants to do a story on me doing shaving parties] and I told her how much they do for people going though Cancer. That Maggie was my client and friend and what you had gone though. Terri really cares about people going though Cancer. From now it this is the station I will be watching. Sorry you had to go though this, but happy you did!

  6. I highly recommend Frost Bank. I have both my business and my IOLTA accounts there, and am thinking about transferring my personal account to a new Frost account. I just checked their website, and they do have locations in Austin.

    Best of luck to you, Chris!

  7. I bank with Hillcrest Bank in town here, and they are really on top of it and know my name, etc. You can do a lot of stuff online, and since they aren’t a “big bank”, they let you withdraw money from any ATM for no charge. (They reimburse you.) Kelly Newberg, my contact there, has even been known to meet me halfway when I have a deposit that has to be made right then. Anyway, don’t let the fact they aren’t big make you think that they are inconvenient to bank with. Fact is they are much easier to bank with because of this. If you want to interview them, tell her you know me. (I’m just so important. Ha ha).

  8. Brooke was how I came upon your blog back in 07. She is a friend I know from high school.
    I, like many others, was drawn to your story and life with Maggie and kept up with your blog… Over the past year I would check in once in awhile to see how things were for you, if you were still posting, etc…

    Coincidence I happened upon your blog the morning before your news story but after your blog posts and commented on your experiences with trying to wrap up business with Chase and ATT. My own experiences compelled me, because bad business/customer (dis)service HAPPENS more than it should, many people don’t know the half of it and are shocked initially upon hearing.

    So, when I was checking a local to me (Houston) news story and saw you and Maggie in the latest news video list I was pretty surprised because that’s what coincidences do!

    Take care and good luck,

  9. How brutal and stupid. I’m sure you’ll get everything settled now. How are you doing though? Take care, Fiona

  10. My 2-cents worth…I’ve had loads of problems with Wells Fargo as did both my sons (separate accounts). One son had to close his business account with them. So I’m not sure that’s the answer either. Its a shame when you just can’t find a good bank with strong customer service. Hang in there!

  11. Chris,

    You have an enormous about of strength, even in your weakest posts and in moments you write about I think to myself “now that would have been the straw…” and I would have fallen apart, and yet you keep that fire that Maggie possessed and you both share alive in her honor. How very inspiring your thoughts, words and conviction are…thank you, once again.


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