Monthly Archives: July 2010

Reminders Keep Coming

I’ve heard it said and I’ve seen the look in people’s eyes.  “When are you going to let all this go and move on?”  I stopped responding to that question.  I’ve learned that any amount of explaining I do is wasted air and just makes me look like I’m a) in denial, b) clinging to the past, c) looking for sympathy.  I, however, believe I’m doing none of those (denial, what?)  Gosh, I sure wish I could just click an Easy button and be done and move on.  Reality is that when big, bright stars explode the energy released sends ripples out far into the galaxy.  Maggie was the brightest star I know.  My galaxy will be feeling those ripples for a long, long time. Continue reading Reminders Keep Coming

Smiles at the Movies

I’ve been slowly and somewhat painfully going through my piles of stacked-up letters, bills, insurance crap and other miscellany that I collected last year during The Dark Days.  It continues to be a tough chore but it needs to be done.  More specifically, it needs to be done now because of timely tax issues I’ll write about later.  But the process put me squarely back into the months, weeks and days before Maggie’s Angel Day (oddly enough, the days after are just blank.)  Thus, as you might imagine, all today I’ve been in quite a funk that’s been hard to shake.  My heart has hurt (and is still hurting) deeply. Continue reading Smiles at the Movies