Monthly Archives: September 2010

One Night in Mexico

Late, late, late at night, after an amazing show at the world-famous club Coco Bongo in Cancun, Mexico, I headed toward the place where I was hoping the bus that would take me back to the hotel would stop.  (To the uninitiated like me, it’s rather unclear as to where the busses actually stop to pick up passengers.)  Hovering around the area that only slightly resembled a bus stop were two couples.  On my approach, the drunkest of them asked me in terrible broken English where I was from.  On returning the favor, I learned they were all from France.  And thus began the early-morning fun. Continue reading One Night in Mexico

The Day We Met

I mean, seriously, who really expects the woman of their dreams to show up on their doorstep? That’s just silly talk. But yet there she was, smiling her beautiful smile, all but asking for my love, simply a romantic comedy sprung to life. Looking back, it’s just stupidly crazy how it all started. Heck, why do I even question the magic in the beginning of what would be a fairytale life together? Continue reading The Day We Met