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“How You Can Help Me”

I saw this today on another blog that deals with grief, specifically widows and widowers.  It’s so exactly dead on.  Every sentence is exactly right so I wanted to re-post it here to share.

People have asked me over and over what they can do for me.  Here’s your chance.  Share this post so people who haven’t experienced such a loss as Maggie and I have will better understand what those of us who have are going through.  There are a lot of us around who need your support.  Sadly, you may too one day be in the same situation.  Wouldn’t it be better if those around you knew how to help?  Please share this. Continue reading “How You Can Help Me”

Two years and Two Days

Another significant date has passed.  It’s now been two years and two days since Maggie’s Angel Day.  It’s difficult to understand how two opposing feelings can rub up against each other and not cause a significant amount of mental friction, enough to label me more than just a little nuts.  It seems like just moments ago I was hugging her at the airport after she flew back home from MD Anderson (it was such a great hug – I had had missed her so much that weekend.)  I can feel her arms around me, her hands open wide and palms pressing into my shoulder and back.  I can remember how she felt as she sighed softly, happy to be home to me back in my arms.  And other memories are still so familiar.  I can still remember how her hair felt in my fingers or how it felt to snuggle my face into the crook of her neck.  I could draw out on paper the freckles on her shoulder and I can still feel the small of her back in my hand.  It wouldn’t surprise my body or heart if she walked right through the door.  I would go right back to holding her, hugging her and loving her like she never left.  Yet it also seems like that other moment, the one two years and two days ago, was so long ago, like a dream.  It’s been two years since I last kissed my baby.  TWO YEARS.  So long ago yet like it all just happened.  How does that not seem a little crazy? Continue reading Two years and Two Days